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Karoun Dairy Products

Artisan Gourmet White Cheese

Karoun Dairies Inc. supplies Karoun brand artisan gourmet white specialty Middle Eastern cheese and quality Mediterranean specialty pure and natural dairy products.

KAROUN DAIRIES original all natural Karoun brand Middle Eastern specialty gourmet white cheeses:  Ackawi pure and natural white cheese, Nabulsi Middle Eastern gourmet cheese, Halloom artisan Mediterranean specialty grilling cheese, gourmet Armenian braided string cheese and various Armenian and Lebanese pure and natural cheeses and dairy products are prepared in the traditional artisan way transmitted to KAROUN through generations. 
KAROUN Dairies handmade all natural and pure artisan Armenian Middle Eastern specialty cheeses and Mediterranean specialty dairy products do not contain any additive. 
KAROUN DAIRIES INC Mediterranean dairy products are produced according to genuine traditions and rigorous KAROUN DAIRIES quality standards for your health. 
Karoun Dairies Inc. is fully committed to the quality of its products.
Karoun Dairies Inc. pure and natural artisan white gourmet cheese and dairy products are a real delight.
Original Karoun Dairy products, whatever the brand, sponsored and controlled by the authentic Karoun Dairies, are always stamped with Karoun Dairies



Karoun String Cheese

Gourmet Cheese Nabulsi

*Not related to Karoun Dairies, Inc. of California, USA incorporated under the KAROUN DAIRIES business name and using the KAROUN trademark without the consent of our international group.
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