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Pure and Natural Karoun Ackawi

The authentic KAROUN Ackawi cheese (called also Akawi or Akkawi) is the real Middle Eastern cheese denoting Aka, the historical region in the Middle East where this cheese originated. Ackawi is one of the varied Karoun Dairies Karoun brand Middle Eastern specialty dairy foods.

Karoun brand cheeses are now produced in USA following genuine Middle Eastern traditions, from first quality cow milk. KAROUN DAIRIES INC. all natural specialty artisan cheeses are under the constant supervision of KAROUN DAIRIES SAL, and distributed by KAROUN DAIRIES INC. Canadian Middle East specialty cheese Company.

KAROUN authentic Ackawi cheese is a semifirm unripened white cheese. It is salty as most Mideastern specialty cheeses.

KAROUN Ackawi cheese is suitable as a table cheese, in sandwiches, or paired with fruits.

It is sold under KAROUN or MAYAR brands.

Pasteurized Cows' Milk, Salt, Cheese Culture, Enzymes, Non-Animal Rennet. Contains: Milk.
Shelf Life: 6 months refrigerated 20-70 C.


Karoun Cheese Ackawi

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