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Karoun Dairies Specialty Cheese Dairy Products Companies 

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KAROUN Dairies Specialty Cheese Dairy Products Companies are Global and Worldwide.
The KAROUN DAIRIES Group run by Mr. Ara Baghdassarian comprises the following companies:
  • KAROUN DAIRIES SAL -  Lebanon - Successor of Karoun dairy established in 1931 by Ohannes Baghdassarian -  The original.
  • KARLACTI, INC - USA - Exclusive licensee of Karoun Dairies SAL in USA
  • KAROUN DAIRIES INC - Canada Exclusive licensee of Karoun Dairies SAL in Canada
KAROUN DAIRIES INC pursues the KAROUN DAIRIES International Group's objective of making available to every individual fresh all natural dairy products of premium quality through innovation, commitment, excellence and excitement.

All other companies, organizations or private entities bearing or using KAROUN name are not related to the KAROUN DAIRIES Group run by Ara Baghdassarian.

The KAROUN DAIRIES Group is ready to cooperate with strategic partners on a sound business plan in its mission of providing healthy and natural food and refreshments for all.

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