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    The Original Karoun 

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    The original KAROUN dairy "LAITERIE KAROUN" was established in Beirut, in 1931, by Ohannes Baghdassarian who, appropriately, chose as the company's name and trademark the Armenian word for springtime.

    KAROUN dairy, a pioneer in the Middle Eastern dairy industry, is now a worldwide famous international Middle East cheeses dairy products company.

    From humble beginnings in a small store front on Georges Picot street, downtown Beirut, Lebanon, Ohannes Baghdassarian was able to have a great impact on the Lebanese dairy industry.  
    The small shop called Cremerie Karoun expanded and became Laiterie Karoun. 
     Karoun Dairy's operations developed due to in house R&D and innovations. 
    In fact, late 1940's Karoun invented a new process to produce plain natural yogurt drink very praised in the Middle East.  
    Early 1950's Karoun Dairy introduced pasteurization. 
    Late 1960's Karoun introduced to Lebanon the plastic bottles and cups as well as fruit yogurt.
     Karoun Dairies, successor of "Laiterie Karoun",  is still family owned and operated.




    Ohannes Baghdassarian with his Son Ara 1977

    Ohannes Baghdassarian with his Son Ara 


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